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Review Pendrive Microdrive usb 3.0 128 GB

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I also have good experiences with AliExpress in hats (very cheap and normal quality) , accesories to repair glasses and several other products.

I am waiting to receive :
Extreme High Performance Thermal Grease Paste CPU HeatSink Processor GPU Cooling Paste Computer Cooling Fan Device
replacement battery for my laptop
a fan for my laptop
Hand Tools Universal Metal Spudger DIY mobile phone Opening Pry Repairing Tools For Phone Cellphone Laptop PC Tablet and other accesories related
600/1000Pcs Screws +1PCS Multi screwdriver Stainless Steel Screws Electronics Nut For Watch Eye Glasses Clock Repair Tool Kit
Solar Rechargeable COB LED Solar Light Outdoor Garden Lamp Decoration PIR Motion Sensor Night Security Wall light Waterproof

In batteries I have a relative good experience. I have refund several articles, but others go well.

I have a very expensive solar rechargeable light bought in my city, but the cheap one from China continues working well. Meanwhile the expensive not. I am searching to repair for myself buying 18350 batteries and a charger.


I want to try some power banks with 18350 batteries ion-lithium.

I found a very very cheap with a high high mAh capacity in Ebay or in Amazon, I don't remember well. I am waiting for that too.


Waiting !!!!!  :

FakeFlashTest tries to fix the main issue with H2testw which is the incredibly slow time it can take for the process to complete on larger and slower flash drives. The first test you can run is similar to the one found in RMPrepUSB and a quick test. This writes and reads 512 bytes of data at set intervals across the drive and so finishes in less time. The second test is very similar to H2testw and writes/reads to all free space on the drive but has been optimized in a number of ways to complete the task much quicker than H2testw.

Do note that the the quick test is destructive meaning anything on the drive will be overwritten, so make sure your files are backed up. The slower test is not meant to be destructive but can still corrupt your files if they are on a bad area of the drive.
Read More:


Continues running about 33% of the first part : Writing ..... After is verifying....


Review Pendrive Microdrive usb 3.0 128 GB

The results

Review Pendrive Microdrive usb 3.0 128 GB

no heat after the work

generate text files of any given size
-Shades (February 15, 2019, 08:31 AM)
--- End quote ---

This one !
or this one
this one seems clear to me .... :

Choosing external resources :

Explicits offers, but the price....

I am using some time ago a SanDisk 64 GB dual USB . OTG I have always in my pocket.
During copies processes heat. But the new yellow one microdrive is a cold one....

Some day I will test my SanDisk.....

Heat is to be expected when a lot of reading and writing onto any drive, whatever form or shape.

Most are designed to get rid of this excess heat sufficiently fast enough, while not being too uncomfortable to carry around in a pocket. If a drive does not heat up, perhaps not much reading and/or writing is going on. Unless there is a active cooling element on your drive there, temperature will vary, depending what you are doing on it.

There are pen drives that show up as very big, but actually have (much) less capacity. Some even apply the trick that when a file is written to that drive with a size that exceeds the actual capacity (but not the reported capacity), it just starts to overwrite the file from the beginning of the drive. So if you generate a file with numbers that follow up on each other, you will know quickly enough if your pen drive either fails to generate the specified size or that it overwrites the file from the beginning.

Simple, but effective check to see if you have bought a drive with the promised capacity or not.

Often there are other indicators that should make you wonder if it is too good to be true. Take a look at differences in font of the sticker that indicates the size. Yes, some vendors are cheap enough to use generic stickers on which the promised capacity is added in a not matching font. Same is true for other forms of packaging.

But that capacity for that price? From a not so reputable source? Yeah, that sure sounds like it is way too good to be true.


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