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accessory DVD & usb port for laptop?

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pen drive
-Shades (April 02, 2019, 06:37 AM)
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This is in my price range;
PNY turbo 128gb 3.0 usb
and for twice the price there is a 256gb model,
or here's a micro center 256gb 3.0 usb for $28,
but I still need to find a good external dvd unit.

Could an old slow Pentium type pc be used as a makeshift usb docking station? Or an old dead RAID mobo in a box pc? IOW, what if one ran a usb cable from a new laptop to a usb slot in the mobo of either of the above which was not powered up? Then the extra usb slots could be plugged into?

If you need more USB ports for your laptop, buy a (preferably powered) USB hub device. Easier and reliable.

If you need more USB ports for your desktop, it is more than likely there are 1 or 2 USB headers on the main board that are not used yet. You can buy extra USB slots in a bracket to mount at the back of your desktop. If you connect these onto your motherboard, make sure to turn off your computer first. These headers more often than not support USB v2.0 or lower.

Anything else, don't bother.


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