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how to use region function

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1. When you click the new button to select a region, the cursor changes to cross-hair and you should now be able to click and select a region on the screen; after you do so it will fill in the values of the region you have selected into the options dialog in front of you indicating the region location and size.  It works here.  Anyone else?

2. It refers to the active window at the time of capture.. in other words it tracks whatever monitor your cursor/mouse is currently in.

I could add an option that let you specify a specific monitor # for capture, but I'd like to get the region select to work first; it seems to be working here.

I get the cross-hair but only on the internal laptop monitor, not on either of my external monitors.

The x/y coordinates update nicely when I drag and drop on the internal monitor.

The x/y coordinates do not update when I drag and drop on the external monitors.

An option later for a specific monitor number sounds great.

That is *really* weird.. The region select button should put crosshairs on the workspace that span the entire set of monitors.. it shouldn't even be possible for it to only cover one monitor...  I wonder if there is something unusual about the way your multiple monitors are set up.. Can you tell me a little more about your setup?

I have uploaded a new beta version with specific monitor capture # mode, and improved the region select option.

Also fixed a bug where duplicate captures could be saved if the active window/process changed.

New beta at same url as above.


Thanks for all the back and forth on this.

Installed the new beta.

I get the crosshairs now but only in the system tray row at the bottom of the win 7 screen - but I do get it on all three monitors and I do think it updated the x/y values rightly for that small area.

My set up is kind of weird: dell i5 laptop with one external monitor in landscape via its monitor out port and another external monitor in portrait via a usb to vga adapter (plugable UGA 165). And I'm running disply fusion pro v 9.4.3.


Have you tried the new explicit monitor id capture?  You may have to experiment with monitor #s, starting with 0.


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