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how to use region function

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Just installed automatic screenshotter in my win 7 laptop with two external monitors.

Is there a way to use the region option to capture just one of the external monitors?

How do I know the x/y coordinates for that monitor?



Sorry for not replying to this earlier.. It's a good question.. Perhaps I should add a button that would let you select a region graphically by dragging it on the screen?

Sounds great Mouser. Thanks!

Can you try the new beta:

* or

* [BugFix] Region capture mode would not accepted negative coordinates, which are needed for some multimonitor setups.
* [Feature] You can now select the region to capture graphically.
* [MinorFeature] New menu item to open last screenshot.

Hi Mouser,

Thanks for the new beta.

1) I could not get capture region using the mouse to work. I sometimes saw that the cursor would change to a cross but could not drag and drop to define the region I want to monitor.

2) I'm not sure what you mean by capture the "active" monitor. Active at the next scheduled screenshot? Active at the time I am setting up the capture options?

Sorry if I'm being thick or missing something obvious.



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