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Can anybody help me with the (Auto Capture Feature) from the"Screenshot Captor"?


Hello dear Users.

My Name is Johannes.

I don't check that terrible Screenshot Captor Software out. i need to know step by step as if i were a Child with not enough Software-Knowledge, how to exactly use that Auto Capture Feature in the Screenshot Captor Software, PLEASE =/. Could anybody please create an Step by Step Instruction for little Idiots like me, with Screenshots from every Step please =/?

The File in which one i want to save 1500 Screenshots, has an Lenght of 1 Minute and 7 Seconds.

Where to set the BEST FPS Setting in the Screenshot Capture Software, for BEST Quality by so many Screenshots in BMP Format?

And what to do, that my Screenshot Capture Software really takes that many Screenshots, how do i set this? Maybe i was to set mistakenly only the Second Section... I got ABSOLUTELY no CLUE how to succeed. Please help if you can =/!

Best Regards


Try using Automatic Screenshotter instead:

Thank You :D *Hugs*


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