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NetTraffic xml export to Excel

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the statistics in the program itself look like this

--- ---Date              tot            received       sent            time         cursor distance
2019-02-07 28.56 MiB 26.91 MiB 1.65 MiB 0.00:57:17     14.79 m
the export xml looks like this:

--- ----<StatDay>
<key dy="19904" dx="30080" ul="1725446" dl="28220776" tm="34377250805" ts="636850944"/>
how can I import that in excel? I do not even understand how to get the date back
ts seems to be the date, it is the only variable which doesn't change over the day.

What is NetTraffix?

What is NetTraffix?
-skwire (February 08, 2019, 05:30 AM)
--- End quote ---
my bad. NetTraffic

Excel can open an xml file just fine as a worksheet:

* Start Excel (2007 or later I'd advise)
* Use File-Open to fetch the xml file
* Choose either the 1st 'As an XML table' or 2nd 'As a readonly workbook' option when prompted
* The 1st option will induce a message about a missing schema, just continue with OK
* The 2nd option will include some of the metadata as column headers, it can be removed if desired
* Process & massage the data as required/desired

yeah I got that, but how can i translate
<key dy="19904" dx="30080" ul="1725446" dl="28220776" tm="34377250805" ts="636850944"/>
2019-02-07   28.56 MiB   26.91 MiB   1.65 MiB   0.00:57:17       14.79 m


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