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How to stack windows side by side in Windows 10?

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Hi, can someone recommend some relatively light-weight software (e.g. not something like this crappy display fusion) that will stack side by side windows for me? sounds easy right? well I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this on windows 10 on a virtual desktop without it stacking windows also on other virtual desktops, which makes it completely useless to me.. since now instead of 3 windows filling up the screen i have 3 tiny windows on 2 desktops.

WinWarden (from skrommel & Tim Morck) works well on Win 10, but I have never tested it on plural windows screens.

Gridmove, by our own jgpaiva:

thanks for the suggestions guys but I was hoping for something really easy... for now I'm using WinSplit Revolution which is my go-to on my main computer.. but the more windows, the longer it takes - have to manually place them one by one, it is quick but annoying for what I need it for on my VPS... Tiling handles it all in one fell-swoop, theoretically, if it didn't have this windows 10 bug.

maybe another alternative AltDrag


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