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Ethervane Echo


Probably the most useful and most functional of all free software that I've ever used is Ethervane Echo, a program that monitors the Windows clipboard and stores past strings for easy reuse.

I downloaded it from DonationCoder, but I can no longer find it using your Search. I think it was the result of a contest you held years ago.

If this wonderful program could be resurrected and given a place of honor on your home page, I think it well deserves this. It still works perfectly with all versions of Windows still in common use.

Its freedom from bugs and simple but usable GUI are good evidence that Borland Turbo Pascal was a great compiler and library.

See my review at .

I use mouser's Clipboard Help & Spell myself (aka 'CHS' -- also from here on donationcoder), but have also used Ethervane Echo and agree that it is a beautifully designed piece of software.

The original page is still here on dc:
NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo


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