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Problems to find Link for mp4 Videos on


Hi Team,

UrlSnooper is very good tool and

in Dec 2019 all works fine, to find the video links (mp4) on "" and now nothing work? I don't know why? :(

Can you please help me with that?

thx & cheers

in Dec 2018 lol  ;D

Can somebody look?

Thx & Cheers

The start of a new year is also the time of year where new versions of a website are introduced. Are you sure the website still uses the same structure of web pages? Or that changes are made in the way their web pages show their content? Or that it has changed to a different web host? Still uses the same backend system for their articles? Or still uses the same web server software?

All those things can have an impact on the functionality of URLSnooper. Usually this means that you need to take a look at the current configuration of your URLSnooper for this site and check if revisions in your configuration are needed.

Perhaps the cookie notifier has changed on that website and prevents URLSnooper to work. Also keep in mind that more privacy related laws in the EU have been activated this year and that has could have caused some websites to make changes to their inner workings as well.

In short, the timing of your error seems to be related to any of such changes at the end of the website and not on the side of URLSnooper. This is not to say that there is no problem with URLSnooper, but the timing of your error is suspect as well.


yes i am sure, but hmm i think they have now http(s) and last time only http? i dont know really.But Url Snooper don't show mp4 on 4players or youtube? I test it on both.

And what can i do that snooper works again like in the past? :(

Thx & Cheers

Hi Silent_Warrior5

It seems the First file is downloadable from here


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