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Creating Icons on Desktop


i'm a newbie to the  bar ,is there a way that when the launchbar is started it puts several shortcut icons on the desktop without going through all the menus,
thanks in advance

As nobody has answered this, I'll give it a go. Could it be that all of the items in the bar you have created are menus? if you create an item as a sibling it will appear in the bar and clinking it will execute it.

If thats not the problem, please post.

towlerg: As nobody has answered this, ...
-towlerg (February 02, 2019, 05:34 AM)
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Good on yer, mate! :Thmbsup:
I must admit that, in the first place, I couldn't make sense of the Q in the OP, so therefore decided not to try to assist.   :-[


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