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clipboard help and spell issue


There seems to be an issue where, in the clipboard help and spell main window, when you double click a clip and make it the active clipboard item, if you immediately go and try to double click another item, it will not be set as the active clipboard item.  See below linked video for details.

Hi whiggs.
Ok I'm trying to reproduce it.. The video is appreciated -- but it's a little hard for me to figure out what's happening... Can you describe what happens in words?

Not sure whether this helps, but I watched and listened to the YT video, and this is what seems to be happening:

* During the video, the user's mouse cursor is periodically moved back and forth over the Excerpt field of an item ID, presumably emphasising the different data content.
* Select ID 13189 - No sound.
* Select ID 13155 - "Woop" (Capture) sound, then "Clunk-Clunk" (I think that's the "duplicate not captured" sound).
* Selector under mouse jumps to ID 13170 . (Not sure why.)
* Select ID 13190 - No sound.
* Select ID 13156 - No sound
* Select ID 13156 again - "Woop sound", then "Clunk-Clunk"
* Selector under mouse jumps to ID 13174. (Not sure why.)
* Select ID 13157 - No sound.
* Select ID 13157 again - "Woop sound", then "Clunk"
If this problem has only recently occurred for this user, then, other things being equal (no system changes), I wondered whether the user's mouse might have a problem - e.g., (say) have a worn/flaky left-button micro switch and is sometimes "bouncing" (doing a double-click), or something - I've seen that sort of thing happen before and the errors can seem to be episodic.

Also, I recall that in an earlier version of CHS, the scrolled table would seem to jump around a bit under the selector, but that behaviour went away after some updates. Might be worth checking whether the user has the latest version.


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