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Free I.T. Courses - [PSA]


This is more a Public Service Announcement in case there are those who don't know about MOOCs, (Massively Open Online Courses), or just want to fill in a few hours each week learning something new.

Prompted by this post on OzBargain: Free - 690 Online Courses in IT

After 843 Udemy courses comes 690 free university level courses. The courses are free but you will need to pay for the certificate if you want one.

There are -
179 beginner level courses
376 intermediate level courses
135 advanced level courses

These are courses from universities such as Harvard, Standford and University of London.

This took me over an hour to prepare so I hope all the links are right!

Enjoy learning!
--- End quote ---

(From a couple of weeks ago: Free - 843 Courses in Technology @ Udemy - Some no longer free now, some outdated and thus free.)

OzB also has a Wiki page for MOOCs: Free online courses, Provided by Universities - MOOC's

Thanks very much for sharing this  :up:

My university (The Open University) offers free courses/programs which usually come with a free "Statement of Participation" certificate when you complete them


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