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Turbo C and Turbo Pascal are back!!

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Carol Haynes:
Ahem - actually the process for getting a license and the software is pretty similar to DC !

By the way - if anyone is installing a Turbo Express product there is an error in on of the prerequisite filenames !!

You have to install MSXML 4 SP2 before a Turbo product. The file in the prequ ZIP file is called MSXML.msi. You need to rename it to MSXML4.msi for it to work properly (otherwise the installation bombs with an error). Id guess this is an MS issue rather than Borland but you'd think they would check!


I am not quite sure why you need to install .Net for the non-.Net products though.
-Carol Haynes (September 05, 2006, 05:19 PM)
--- End quote ---

I think it might be that the IDE's themselves are written in either or C#, and that .net would be required to run the IDE, even though the software you create with it won't.

Carol Haynes:
Yes - having tried a number of them they all come with the standard Borland 2006 IDE which was presumably written using the .NET framework etc. and the docoumentation is the standard Borland documentation - I can't find any reference to Turbo editions in it any where which is going to make it a bit difficult to use (I'd guess anyway).

nice page giving a bit of an intro and walkthrough:


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