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Turbo C and Turbo Pascal are back!!

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They will be releasing the Turbo versions in a few days and posted a nice faq. looks pretty good - like the Turbo Pro is all most people will need:

I watched the countdown timer the last minute, now it says "Download now! The Turbos are here!", but there are no download links .. it's been 2 whole minutes ZOMG! :mrgreen:.

Damn you Jibz you stole my thunder, i was just about to post this.  :-\


Download page is up now ;D.

Edit: Register this, download that, licence key here and there .. never thought I'd say this, but they could learn something from Microsoft and their Express editions :wallbash:.

well this is a bit new and scary for them i'm guessing :)
so perhaps they will improve in time.


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