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some useful but less-known software. share your list!!!

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Hi chashnniel,

Thanks for the appreciation.

Quicknote is different that it is has same set of text for all windows. I use it to quickly jot down some points, when working on one job and refer to it on another job.

One important feature I use "Quicknote" is to record keyboard, when i create passwords for a site, so that I know what password I typed. Many sites reject my simple password and insist on different ones and in the melee I forget what I typed finally.



thanks for the information, anandcoral

i hesitated to install it because of the virustotal's rating(if people like me care about it :huh:), but now i install and test it and everything is just fine.its clean.
i misunderstood u since the description quick note popup small window with hotkey ;D

quicknote has much function but now i just focus on the note taking part.
so quicknote(I call it a note dictionary) is a universal note taking prog with catalog and stickanote(I call it a window comments[just like TC's file/folder comments]) is used for a note taking for any special window(even if the same prog with different dimension), actually we can get it from its name.

And both you and the quicknote author are trying to humanize the note taking function. :up:

This has turned out to be a useful thread  :up:

I used to use Quicknote - and I've tried several others, but now I use QText.  It is basically the same, a tiny, tabbed notebook for jotting down notes which you summon via a global hotkey.
But here are some features of QText that I like in particular:

* hyperlinks generated as you type
* callto links generated as you type - this make it soooooo easy and fast to add clickable phone numbers (that I use with PhonerLite and my FreePBX system)
* bulleted and numbered lists
* some basic richtext formatting
* text area has some advanced text editing functions
* super fastauthour responds to requests

This has turned out to be a useful thread  :up:
-mouser (February 14, 2019, 07:54 AM)
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only if you can share several of your less-known collection :tellme:

I used to use Quicknote - and I've tried several others, but now I use QText.
-BGM (February 14, 2019, 08:50 AM)
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personally i choose QuickNote, maybe i prefer old style design. :D
and we can use your TextWorx to enhance both Quicknote and QText.

smart unzip depends on the archive contains folder/single file or not
thx to Nod5's help--Smarter unzip :Thmbsup:
it seems seldom extract programs provide this kind of feature, and i think people are tired of checking the archive before unzip it with the right method.
But i found this(Noah) with lucky! It provide option for Not create directory when only 1 file or 1 folder is contained. and its another main feature attract me :-*, if you open a non-archive file, noah will compress it. as archive file, noah will unzip it. it it seems exactly reverse to my smartunzip request.
unfortunately it has bugs on windows 10, the context menu can't be added :( :(


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