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some useful but less-known software. share your list!!!

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That's all from me for now.

remember first i mentioned BGM's JetToolbar? Now i want to talk about another tab launcher from Japan(with English support)--- Claunch
it has rich features and really configurable, just see a short demo below I made.

NO.2 Folder icons changer ;)
Sometimes you can figure out ur folder by giving it a nice name or you have a good habit to arrange it. but when time pass by, it will be in a mess, you can't focus on the most used folders in seconds :-\ . To me the more important is that when I drag the folder to the quick launch app as a folder menu, the icons are all the same and ugly.
Then i found these(FolderIconTool works for me windows10) four (FolderIconDrop not work for me) great (ImagesToIcon requires ImageMagick) tools (IconAnyFolder folder icons depends on the 1st exe files in that folder) from DC. also FolderICON(no link available, if you have interest maybe i can share my own download link.), the folder display the thumbnail of the image created by it.
there are many same kind of  tiny tools: FolderPainter, Dr.Folder...i don't want to talk about these.

what about yours?  ;D

Toolwiz Time Freeze is an easy and effective Instant system restore software to keep your system safe and protect your computer from unwanted changes.
Turnning on the Time Freeze mode, the whole system is running in the "sandbox". Only the changes to the files in the exclusion list will be saved.
I use it all the time to test softawre; Very convenient.

Support OS:WinXP/Win2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10(32/64bit)
Requirment: Disable the sechduler defrag and backup of Windows.

The many programs I use and can not be without them, some of which I feel are lesser known, are below, - I use for : quick note popup small window with hotkey - I use for : note with tree and sync with simple note - I use for : calendar with reminder and execute programs and recurring events

And my own developed NANY programs, but they are well known, to be in this list, I think :)



2 anandcoral
thx for ur list! :Thmbsup:
Quicknote looks like ur stickanote
of course your programs are great, actually im using some of them! ;D


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