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[Splasm Software] Why can't I tab to the TYPE field?

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What am I doing wrong? I enter the date, hit tab-tutu11 (January 24, 2019, 01:55 AM)
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then stop hitting Tab. Maybe try [→] (arrow right)?


Guidelines state that all fields (where you can fill in or adjust content) must be accessible by using the tab key. Preferably in order of sequence.

Not much the end-user can do about this, except notify the author of the software and request for a new build in which this omission is fixed. It is normally a very simple/easy fix. Once the tab key setup is in place, programmers barely check if something in the tab key order is going wrong after they adjust the content in the screen. And is is usually not necessary to do such a check from a coding standpoint. So those checks do not happen too often at the coders side.


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