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Best Advice for New Python Programmers

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Like the subject says, I am beginning to learn Python. I tried some years ago but got pretty sick and now that I seem to be doing much better I want to try again. I used to be a pretty good COBOL/DB2?CICS and VB4 programmer (read: dinosaur), so I can kind of grasp most of what's going on, but I've forgotten a bunch (probably more than I could relearn). Anyway, if anyone has any specific advice about Python or programming, in general, please share it with me. I know I have to get my own "bloody nose," but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if I can help it.

FYI - I am searching the Internet and other forums for tips, tricks and cautions too, but I like DC. I always have. :)

Thanks for reading,


* Grab either Think Python by Downey or Automate the boring stuff with Python
* Don't bother wasting time with Python2, pick Python3 since its the way forward
* If you are on Windows, grab the Anaconda distribution
* Use the standard library often, it is huge
* Check out Awesome Python for 3rd party library recommendations

There are a number of Python books currently on sale for $5 on Packt.

I tried linking directly to the Python books, but they use characters in the URL that don't play nice with BBS formatting.


I read the above post(s) several hours ago and was reminded of a half-decade history of like responses to previous inquiries I have made here in "Cody's House," but was so overwhelmed with such incredible generosity of collegiate level material I was unable to pen any congruent thoughts and am struggling with getting this missive into text. I suspect it will be some days before I can get my wits aligned with the needed understanding. I just wanted to acknowledge your offerings and say thank you.

Take care,

PS - I am aware I have a number of other projects I started with the studious assistance here. I have had to overcome some health interruptions. Life goes on and takes us in ways we cannot anticipate. I can't promise I will be able to bring the varied initiatives to fruition in any near term, but I do intend to keep trying.

CodeTRUCKER, you may also want to investigate IronPython. It leverages the .NET framework.


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