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Author Topic: email clients - special limited use  (Read 2314 times)

Steven Avery

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email clients - special limited use
« on: January 28, 2019, 07:08 AM »
Currently I am using:

TheBat! on Windows 10 as my main email.  I have some mixed feelings, but overall it is OK.
Eudora has its own historic 50 GB archive that I use for searching.

However, these are a bit cumbersome for Biz usage, so many accounts, forum email etc.

Yes, I think you can run two instances of these programs with different target files, but I usually avoid that.

So now I am putting my biz email in a special redundant spot (using Gmail forwarding and filtering/forwarding) for POP download:
To have a special ultra-light Biz email spot on my Windows Puter client.

POP Email spot - paying a few dollars a month is fine, e.g.
.............................Fastmail, Runbox, Zoho, Posteo. 10 more

Fastmail, often the leader, surprised me with an App Password which felt clunky and I could not get it set up easily with Claws or EmClient
Runbox set up right away. it looks like a special might give me two yeas of Basic for about $35.

Since this is a POP download box, daily, hourly, es suficiente.


Client -
..........................Claws, EmClient, Mailbird, Postbox, Thunderbird, Becky, Foxmail, Pegasus, Barca(Poco)

The Email program should still be developed, and have nice RTF-HTML editing, stable, decent filtering and searching, and it would be nice if it had virtual folders (as TheBat! has but Eudora does not). Forums like that available on TheBat! and Eudora are helpful. Oh, decent on flexible spoofing or reply:to capability.

Claws does not seem to have RTF editing, not even with a plug-in, at least on the new Windows version.


Your thoughts. Especially on the Windows email client.

Well, I do have a Linux system coming in tonight ($30 Craigslist special, 6GB, Linux Mint 18).

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Re: email clients - special limited use
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2019, 09:27 PM »
If I understand your post correctly, you wish to have a a big collection of all mail messages you receive with multiple accounts, using different software and/or profiles in one software client.

Then I think that MailStore Home is your best bet. You can collect mail in your preferred mail client for each account and once a day you can sync the received mail from these clients into MailStore Home. Afterwards you can use the search functionality in MailStore Home to find the messages you seek. Using a similar concept with my mail client of choice Thunderbird in combination with MSH and have amassed a collection of 18 GByte in mail messages. Searching with MSH through 18GByte is faster than with Thunderbird and because you have more/better search options in MSH, the returned results are much more relevant as well.

MSH is freeware, but there is also a MailStore Server version which is commercially licensed. But with that one you can connect to all your mail accounts and let it collect mail messages on your behalf, so no need for synchronizing anymore.

Mails collected by MailStore Home/Server can be exported as mail messages again in all the most popular mailbox formats (for 'TheBat!', 'Outlook', 'Thunderbird' and quite some more mail clients). If mail is part of your workflow, you should not be without MailStore Home.

No, I'm not affiliated in any way to that company in any way or form, just a happy user.