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Free disk images from old floppy disks of (almost) any system


Since I have the necessary hardware at hand and some spare time, why not?
I can make an image of basically any 3.5" floppy disc, from any PC/musical instrument/old machinery, excluding Extra High Density/2.88MB ones. I may get a 5"1/4 drive too, but don't count too much on it, and I surely won't be bothered with flippy disks.

So if you have some documents written with an old word processor on an 8 bit home computer, or sounds samples for an old synth, etc., this may be the right occasion to get them in a format ready to be used in an emulator, or converted in some ways.

This is not in any way some kind of pro service, just a friendly favour.
I offer no warranties, and take no responsibilities of any kind -- if you have very delicate items, sensible/reserved data, etc., asks some reputable service that do this professionally.
I obviously won't pay anything to receive the package (postage surcharges, duty imports, etc.).

I'll receive the disks, try to read them and make the image files available to you, within a reasonable time.
Afterwards, successfully imaged or not, the disks will be disposed and not sent back.

If you'll be supremely happy with the results, I'll eventually gladly accept only a postcard from your city, or some beer money ;D , but it's absolutely NOT needed.

You need to be an active member with some activity on the board (not an account just created yesterday, so to speak).

It will be probably interesting just for someone in Europe, due to shipping costs, but I don't really know.
I may also stop accepting new requests at any time (imaging already agreed upon will be honoured of course), depending on how much work this may turn out to be.
If you are interested, just send a PM.

Thanks very much for this Mark0! I could have used such a favor a couple of years ago.

Hi Mouser!
YEP! I remember the thread! :)
Hopefully this will be useful to someone.

I have a kryoflux as well (I'm assuming that's what Mark0 has), multiple 5.25" floppy drives and 3.5" drives, and I'm located in the US. Same thing applies - I'm willing to help anyone out with regard to pulling data from old floppies, no charge aside from shipping disks back.


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