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Refurbished or used internal hard disks 3½ 6TB-12TB

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I am sad.
But the interesting point is to hear to the person knows.

At the present time is the same than buying

I try to obtain information about this article and the interior with the 18650 rechargeable Li-ion feature. But I only obtain an invitation to chat in whatsapp. I declined such invitation.

For your OS get a decent SSD: Samsung 850/860 EVO, SanDisk Plus, or equivalent for a normal SATA SSD.

Samsung 970 NVMe M.2 for a more modern board with M.2 slots, (or use it with a PCIe adapter if you have PCIe v3), and your machine can boot off it.

128GB is more than enough for Windows 10 and quite a few programs, however, you may want to go bigger as SSDs generally work better if they have ~25-30% free space, (eg. don't get a 128GB SSD if your OS drive is currently using 100GB).

I've used one of these "cheap" SSDs as my OS drive, (Ramsta 480GB), they are slow compared to the Samsung I now have and the SanDisk I used to have.
-4wd (February 05, 2019, 05:46 PM)
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4wd please indicate the features I have to search for , not the maker.
That would give me freedom.

What are the features I  have to search for a SSD to get a good drive ?
Universal language will be the best. I know is difficult but sure we can get our dream : good, cheap and beatiful....


^Contro, what are the features you want -- cheap appears to be most important to you. Judging by Amazon reviews (not very scientific) the SSD I linked to above is about as dependable as a traditional HDD. The Samsung 4wd refers to gets 4.8 stars (out of over a thousand reviews) which is *very* high for any type of HDD. Seems to me the few euros more are well spent.
As said above, you should image your OS regularly anyways, that way you could chance a cheaper SSD -- you might be lucky, it might be okay.

Ejem. What do you think about this ?

Real or imaginary ?

Ejem. What do you think about this ?

Real or imaginary ?

-Contro (February 09, 2019, 04:31 AM)
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It's real, but not suitable as main storage.
And how long you'll have a device that will support micro-USB? My current phone has (and most newer phones will have) USB-C connector...


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