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Full Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 3!

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The latest update on the driver is quoted below:

* We sorted out MCCI release engienering’s build problems and we successfully built drivers on a clean system. (Lots of minor issues, but most important, we found that I’d forgotten to update the “packing list” that tells the automation the files that are part of the source tree. This is why we insist on doing release builds rather than releasing from developer sandboxes.)
* Next step (maybe later today) is to put the drivers into a known-good SD card image in place of the ones that I did in Boston, and make sure the system boots up.
* Logistics: license agreement has been dug out of our files, needs minor revisions, but should be easy. These drivers will be free for non-commercial use.
With luck, we might get through all the release gates by tomorrow evening
--- End quote ---

The USB drivers have been released within the past several hours. But the documentation and/or tools haven't been updated yet with instructions on how to include them when flashing the image to the SD card.

It seems folks in the Telegram group are scrambling to get things to work. And there have been a couple reports there that USB devices (including the on-board ethernet) are working.

Shouldn't be too long, now.

I poked around a bit and put the driver files somewhere that seemed appropriate. Then I got the image flashed to the SD card.

I'm still waiting for the initial boot into Windows 10 to complete (or get to the setup) but I decided to plug in a USB keyboard just to see if there was any response. I'm pleased to report that we have signs of life! Pressing Caps Lock or Num Lock toggles the appropriate LED on the keyboard. :Thmbsup:

But it's getting late and I heard it can get stuck on the "getting ready" screen for 20+ minutes (it just got there as I was typing this). So I think I'll just leave the Pi running overnight and check on it in the morning.

Yet another update: My earlier attempt(s) didn't work. I got BSODs or other lockups, or the USB device(s) stopped responding when I got into the setup. But it seems I was using a version of Windows which has since been confirmed not working.

I'm now flashing the image using a known-working version of Windows (17134) using the latest Core Package (1.3.0) which includes the USB drivers and latest UEFI files needed for things to work.

If all goes well I should have a working full Windows 10 installation on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ within about an hour or so. :Thmbsup:

(famous last words...)

It works!

I haven't tested anything yet. I don't have a mouse connected. But it just booted into the OS after I completed the initial setup using only the keyboard. And it works!


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