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Text comparison tool with most robust similarity/moved block detection

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I ran into this exact problem last week with Beyond Compare Pro when looking at changes in a really long make generated command line.
The "solution" is to use the text compare report feature - the lines wrap quite nicely.

With regard to moved blocks of code, it still annoys the heck out of me that BC battles to correctly detect inserted blocks of code that are similar to preceding code.
Quite often, it show the terminating brace (often more) of the unchanged C code as part of the change set - with the same new code showing up as part of the unchanged code.
I see this happing almost every week and no matter how much I futz around with the alignment options, I can't get it to recognize just the piece of new code for what it is.
Drives me nuts, especially as DeltaWalker and KDiff3 have no problem showing the correct change.

I can feel your pain.

This also looks interesting, but unfortunately is not yet able to actually show/highlight the fuzzy text matches that it detects in the background:

Please read posts #9 and #10.

Thank you.

added another link


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