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File renamer that can work with EXIF data and can be automated?


I'm sure that something like this exists, need some help. I have a lot of old photos I'm trying to organize. The look like this right now -

-- party
----- img01.jpg, img02.jpg etc
-- marriage
----- m1
-------- dsc100.jpg, dsc101.jpg etc
----- m2
-------- dsc100.jpg, dsc101.jpg etc (same name but different pics)

What I'd like to end up with is photos renamed with folder name, and date+tags from EXIF data, in those respective folders.

---- party_2015_1205_0930pm.jpg

I've tried a few renaming tools but none could do this and I didn't find any way to do this in batch mode or from cmd line, as I have a huge number of photos to process.

Any suggestions?

Try Bulk Rename Utility (BRU), which can, I think, do most of what you want.  It has a companion command-line utility BRC, but, BRC doesn't have the EXIF tag processing that BRU has.

There's also Advanced Renamer which uses exiftool to grab all the metadata from images, videos, etc.

The new name preset would be something like: <DirName>_<Img Year>_<Img Month><Img Day>_<Img Hour><Img Min>.<Ext>

Would probably be 24 Hour time, (eg. 1805), so you might have to read the manual if you really want 12 Hour.


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