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Portable Menu launcher colour rectangles

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I need a portable launcher for folders, programs or files with a similar modern UI like in windows 8.
Portable Menu launcher colour rectangles

Do you know anyone ?

Best Regards

Well, Windows 8.1 is still supported. So you could use that.

And as far as I know you can enable this functionality within Windows 10 as well.

Thanks Shades.
What I need is a menu launcher with rectangles in color.
Each rectangle is an option to launch a program, file or folder.
Is not for substitution of the start menu.
is an independent portable menu.

Edit P.D. : In each rectangle or figure i can write text to explain the use or area to explain. Fully configurable.
I want to use large figures (rectangles) to write long text. Each rectangle is an option .

 :-\ I am tired of the searching.
I can try with a pdf and linkable rectangles.
Or in word with linkables rectangles
Freemind is possible but I don't know how to draw rectangles.
Perhaps with a diagram program. May be DIA ?
Running to try !!!!!!
 :P :-*

You might be able to use Ath's WinButtons program.


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