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Kyrathasoft's Earth Apotheosis


I'm working on a game written in C# called Earth Apotheosis. At first it was going to be a living card game, but now I've decided that that will be a feature in the game: collectible cards that have various powers (think MTG blended with the cards in Zelazny's "Amber" series).

Painted in broad strokes, the game will contain the following elements:

* discovery/exploration
* world-building persistence
* a far-future post-apocalypse setting
* single-player only
* occasional downloadable expansions
* multiple paths to power (economic, eldritch, politics, conqueror, mastery of certain artifacts)
Expansions may provide any combination of the following:

* new areas to explore/settle
* new equipment items/artifacts
* new non-player characters
* new monsters
You can manually create your character, or allow the game to generate it. There are five races you may choose from when creating your character:

* Birdfolk
* Centaur
* Human
* Leonine
* Lizardfolk
An overarching theme prevalent throughout  gameplay over an extended period of time is that of putting clues together about past ages of the world and why the world is as it is today. But it is optional whether the character digs into this theme via exploration and discovery coupled with taking skills that aid these activities.

Your character has a finite lifetime but there are ways to extend it, and possibly even stave off death indefinitely.

There will be a mechanism for players' characters to exchange/buy/sell items via in-game shops, bazaars, fences, etc.


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