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>10 "Favs"?


What I find most useful about FARR are the 10 Favorites - I just love how easy I can press a hotkey to get FRR and launch selected app (by kbd or mouse, brilliant)!

But a few more "favorite apps" are installed on my machine that I would like to launch with the same smooth process, so I've been wondering if it would be possible to extend that to 40 favs? Displayed in 4 columns and we have Shift, Ctrl and Alt which could be combined with the fn-keys to select the items...!

Please, please, pleeease consider that idea! I would like that feature so much, I'd donate again! :-)

You can change how many items are shown in the fave list and set it to more than 9 (see the Display Options tab).. but it only numbers the first 10 for quick keyboard launching..
The problem is that using letters for the items > 10 would be problematic since FARR wants to let you type letters to search..

Yes, but can't that letter-approach be modified to recognize Ctrl+F1, Shift+F1, Alt+F1 (or Ctrl+1. Shift+1. Alt+1) ?


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