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Durability of USB ports and plugs?


Things like microswitches and camera shutters have a rated life of so many actuations.  Is this also true of USB plugs and ports/sockets?

Wiki: USB (Physical)w

Standard USB has a minimum rated lifetime of 1,500 cycles of insertion and removal, the mini-USB receptacle increases this to 5,000 cycles, and the newer Micro-USB and USB-C receptacles are both designed for a minimum rated lifetime of 10,000 cycles of insertion and removal. To accomplish this, a locking device was added and the leaf-spring was moved from the jack to the plug, so that the most-stressed part is on the cable side of the connection. This change was made so that the connector on the less expensive cable would bear the most wear.
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As always, this doesn't take into account abuse and quality.

So, in theory, the standard A socket at the computer end will fail before the end you plug into your phone. :)


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