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Screencast Tutorial: How to Sign Up at the Forum


Josh has completed recording the first of many tutorials and tours of the website and forum.
This one covers signing up at the forum and validating your account.

All of his tours/tutorials can also be found at

(10mb big so be patient while it loads)

Please, leave me your feedback on these. I plan to do a few more tomorrow, and hope to have the complete list, found here, completed by Sept 1(HOPEFULLY). Anyways, as I said, let me know what needs improvement or what you like. Enjoy!

Hahaha I have haxored your website cos you have made a fatal security blunder!!!!
Never reveal genuine logins on your screencast you fooooooool!!!!

The Evil Haxor

PS Ampa is the bestest.

hehehehe. let's see what happens when i delete that user.


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