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What are your 2019 New Years Resolutions?


What are your 2019 New Years Resolutions? Here are mine:

* Major update to Find and Run Robot
* More regular updates to Screenshot Captor.
* Major update and merge of my Process-related applications (process tamer, process piglet, process watcher)
* Find a couple of dc members to try to make the DonationCoder blog a must-visit page by making it more timely/relevant/active/etc.
* A new website project.
* Experiment with new programming languages / frameworks (cross-platform mobile?)
How about you?

None...cause I never bloody follow them anyway lol

My resolution was not to make resolutions.  I kept it!

I've resolved to lose 20 lbs (175 → 155 lbs). I'm only 5'8", and although I'm currently much healthier than two years ago (when I was at 202 lbs), I'm only averaging 11'30"-11'45" pace on my 3-5 mile runs. Some extended research (reading, consulting my doctor) suggests I might be able to discontinue my blood pressure medication (Already I've cut the dose in half since 2016) if I lost this additional weight. And I'd like to reach my goal of completing a half-marathon (13.1 miles) in 2 hr 18 min. That would represent an improvement in my pace from 11.5-12 minutes/mile to 10.5 per. I think I can achieve this, and I'm committed to it. It would be interesting to have a pinned thread where we each describe our resolution and make regular check-ins throughout the year to report progress/regression.

Start NANY 2020 NOW !!

Always late and huffing and puffing at the red tape  >:(




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