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I just joined the Gaming Like it's 1923 Game Jam on  It will be my first, and I'll probably be doing an analog game (short RPG or something similar).

It's based on works released to the public domain on January 1st from those expiring from 1923.  Sounds like a cool idea for a Game Jam!

A source for works is

There's also a spreadsheet:


Just found a link on motherboard about downloading all of the public domain works:

Even though the works are in the public domain, they're for sale in a lot of places, so finding them free can be difficult.

Hello i am new here and I just joined the Gaming Like it's 1923 Game Jam on

I'd love for more game coders to share their progress on these game jams with us here.. We'd love to follow along and hear how you are doing and see progress screenshots, and talk about ideas, etc.


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