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CLCL ... What do i need to Backup and RESTORE my items ive Copied ??

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Hi, Ive just had to reinstall my 'C' drive, no problems .. i went to 'Program Files' then to my CLCL folder, and put in the Files from my 'Backup' but it wouldnt show my 30 saved 'Words'  i had saved in 'Templates' ??? What am i doing wrong ?? and what files do i need to 'back up' in case i need to reinstall in future ?? Thanks
Pic ATTACHED  ( What file(s) do i back up for future reference ???

I don't use CLCL, but I'm pretty sure it's a portable app. As such it should not be in either of the "program files" folders, as it cannot modify files in those folders.
Re backup of portable apps, I tend to just copy the whole app folder and zip it, adding the version number or date in the zip name.
Hopefully some CLCL user can confirm the above, and maybe be more specific re backup.

as Tomos said, just unpack to and run from C:\CLCL
Also remember that CLCL hasn't been updated for 3.3 years.

Hi, I have the program in 'Program Files' ..i copied the saved files into 'Program Files' into my 'New' Program files but it wasnt showing my saved 'Template' and other items ??   :tellme:

Don't install it in program files, it needs to be able to write to a sub folder (history and templates) - Move it to c:\portable\clcl or something like that ("Documents" should also work) - you should have a "user folder" in the old CLCL folder on your other computer so if your user name was
screenshot1  you should have "clcl\screenshot1" in there you will find

regist.dat -> templates
clcl.ini -> duh
history.dat -> clipboard history

copy those files to your new "user name folder" (close CLCL first of course).


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