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NANY 2019: TextWorx - Universal Text Manipulator

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HAha!  You are right - it's not there.  I left it out of the created ini file by accident.

Open the ini file, and under [Menus]
change this:
and add this:
Then restart TextWorx.
That will fix it.

After you do that, if you want RUN Text to be in the main menu, the command is 850.  Just put it in the string for the mainmenu, like this:

So, your entire [Menus] section will look like this; you will have RUN Text in the main menu, and the Tools menu will appear:

--- ---mainmenu=800||850|201|307|302|301||104|901|212|725||encase|coding|editor|sort|trim|transform|convert|webedit|insert|*sar|*date|tools
Sorry for the trouble!  I'm saving up fixes for the next version.

But I'll add it in the next update so it shows by default.  The update won't affect your configuration any, though.
If you wanted to know how to add it, you'd have to look through the Menu topic in the help file.  That would say how to add the default tools menu, and also tells how to customize the tools menu and every other menu.

So, if you want to open the file in the default program, you can just RUN Text (command 850) on a filename.
RUN Text on this will open it in notepad for me because notepad is default for .txt files.


I'll try. Wonderful interior of the program !

Works like a charm !!!!!!!

Ejem. My problem is obvious a problem of efficiency. When I select the text with the standard features of pspad I have to open the contextual menu and select the option Open the selected file with the default application.
One click and move of the mouse, right click and selected the above option.

With TextWorx I have more movements or keystrokes.
Perhaps if we can assign hotkeys to certain functions will be the best.  :-* :P

Is it possible in a future version ?

Best Regards

Yes, I have been thinking of that, too, - hotkeys for the commands but I have to figure out how to do it first.  It would be pretty nifty.  However, my first goal will be to allow the user to change the global hotkey for the menu.  Problem with hotkeys for the commands is that they would *all* be global.  OR, maybe there could be some way to lock them to the active window so they are not global.  This will require some thought.

TextWorx is about the same for you as PSPad if you add the command to the top of the main menu.  Select Text - open menu, select command. 

But for you, Contro, do you use autohotkey?  If you like that RunText function, I can make you a little script that will let it work for you that way; it would be pretty easy.

oh, well, if there were word separations, such as spaces, that would be easy. thisisavariable would be quite difficult (more difficult than I am interested in, anyway!).  However, would anybody ever want to do that to a phrase?  I think Cytochrome wanted to do it to thisisavariable, and I can understand wanting to do that.  When people write variables in code, they never write them with spaces between.  I would actually find it easier to camelcase the vars as they come to me in my mind than to put spaces into them where they don't belong.
-BGM (January 15, 2019, 11:25 PM)
--- End quote ---

I was thinking about this, and you could convert between CamelCase, snake_case, and kebab-case pretty simply.  Just not the random all lower case words.  That could be a real use.


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