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NANY 2019: TextWorx - Universal Text Manipulator

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TextWorx is updated to version 1.3!

Ath - I've added your base64 encode string function.
Also, the other casing effects are added.
-BGM (February 13, 2019, 10:48 AM)
--- End quote ---
Running to try !!!!!!!

Amazing.  :up: It's been a while since I've come across a program as thought-through and well-documented as TextWorx. I noticed a small typo under User-Tools: the methods listed there are: open, edit and run. It should probably read "open, send and run".

How do I set my favorite date format? Can anyone help me with that?

Edit: Guess I figured it out, it seems like "Favorite" refers to the Windows regional settings.

Hi, Mr. Maniac,

Favourite Date Format..  uh, hmmmmm.   uh.  Well, you know... uh,  actually, I don't know. 

There is an ini key for it favouritedateformat and I'm pretty sure you just put whatever date format you want.  Examples are:  yyyy-MMM-dd  and  MMMM, d, yyyy and hh:mm:ss  things like that.  It basically just uses the autohotkey date format settings.  I'll update the documentation with the next version. 

So, you would add your date format to the [preferences] section in the textworx.ini file and then restart TextWorx.

--- ---favouritedateformat=dd-MMM-yyyy
Thanks for pointing that out!  Oh - and thanks for the donation credits.

Thanks. Adding the key favouritedateformat to the ini-file did the trick.

I've been using Textworks for 2 days only, and already I wouldn't want to miss it. Incredibly useful. It keeps surprising me with elegant solutions, the customizing options and colored menus make it easy to navigate.

Is there a way to get rid of the 2 bottom entries of the main menu?
Help and Toggle Toolbar eat up valuable space. I tried locating their IDs (857 and 859) in the ini. but was not able to hide them.

Mr. Maniac,

Oh yes, you can do anything you want with the menu. 
In the docs, just overwrite the mainmenu key in the [menu] section.
It looks like this:

--- ---mainmenu=default
If my docs were clear enough, you would understand to copy the expansion (it's in the Menu page in the docs) and then customize it to yoyour liking.

--- ---mainmenu=800|866|||201|307|302|301||104|901|212|725||encase|coding|editor|sort|trim|transform|convert|webedit|insert|*sar|*date|tools
....except, that those two items are hard-coded...  (I add them statically; never imagined that anyone would want to remove them)
Okay, Ill fix that in the next version.


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