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NANY 2019: TextWorx - Universal Text Manipulator

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Yes, I have been thinking of that, too, - hotkeys for the commands but I have to figure out how to do it first.  It would be pretty nifty.  However, my first goal will be to allow the user to change the global hotkey for the menu.  Problem with hotkeys for the commands is that they would *all* be global.  OR, maybe there could be some way to lock them to the active window so they are not global.  This will require some thought.

TextWorx is about the same for you as PSPad if you add the command to the top of the main menu.  Select Text - open menu, select command. 

But for you, Contro, do you use autohotkey?  If you like that RunText function, I can make you a little script that will let it work for you that way; it would be pretty easy.
-BGM (January 17, 2019, 08:09 AM)
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Of course I use AHK. Any user in DC does  :P.
It's exactly what I am : a user !.
In the future I am developing some tasks to use my CRM beyond 2GB in dBASE format and i will need program for myself. So I am preparing a help file with ToDoList to remember and manage all this.

I Know all this is simple, but never easy. require precision and dedication. A comma is not a point. And a simple comma make the difference.
I supposed the best hotkeys are the configurable, and the very best are those you can enable or disable while using other programs.

The perfect interaction don't exists. The grown man must know the limits. So i can wait.  :P :-*

Wraith - yes, I think you are right.  The CamelCase, snake_case and kebab-case already have the inner word separations.  I can see how converting between those cases could be useful to a coder.  But we couldn't do anything for all lowercase letters, though.  Okay, I'll add it.

I didn't find the Base64 conversion yet, is that still in planning too?

Ath - it's in the next release with it's own command.  I also added a dialogue to convert to and from any base.

Version 1.1 is out now!
See my post here for details!

The best change is that now you can set a Global Hotkey for absolutely ANY TextWorx Command!
You can also customize the hotkeys for the TexWorx Menu and the TextWorx Toolbar!

When you assign hotkeys to TextWorx commands, though, be sure and think about how TextWorx uses shift and control as modifier keys for the commands - and TextWorx will honour those even if you use them for the hotkey - so there may some conflict.

You might want to use win alone for your hotkeys, and save ctrl and shift for it's command usage.

What I mean is this: Say you use 201 "encase" for a hotkey. If you use the shift key in your hotkey, it will only ever remove quotes because shift changes the command to reverse.

So, for commands that work on both lines and in reverse, you are best not to use control or shift in the hotkey.  Also, beware of using alt in your hotkeys, because alt often times invokes a windows own menu.  For commands that do not use the shift or control modifiers, you can freely use those modifiers in your command hotkeys.

Using hotkeys for commands is a little experimental right now, so it might not always work as expected yet.  Consider it a beta feature for now.


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