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Is DC attacked again?

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A lot of server errors lately, incl. 50x...?  :huh:

@Tuxman: You should report these through the proper channels.

Well, looking at the max. number of visitors on the 25th and Cloudflare 'checking your browser' message when first accessing the site, I can only conclude the same as tuxman did, but obviously, Cloudflare is doing its job as a loadbalancer, though that might throw some 50x's in the process  :up:

Yes, most likely.
DC was repeatedly down for few minutes since yesterday 25 dec 2018, as per Uptime robot, I use.

Also noting lots of spam messages in my rss feed, which are deleted by moderator.

So concluding some short of spam attack is there.



Yep, someone decided a nice gift to us would be to test our attack defenses again  :mad:


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