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IDEA: Possible Malware Debug - HW laptop back-light detector

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I have a problem with my computer, even after a new hard drive "Reach" install of Windows 10, so a fresh Windows 10 install is being used. The problem is that my computer will, at seemingly random points in time during the night, reactivate my screen, after it has powered down.

I would like some kind of recursive diagnostic logger to help identify the cause of this issue down to the executable, daemon, rootkit, malware, or virus this may be.

Note: Only on my Win10 partition do I exhibit random "screen turn on experiences" with nothing in my log files. OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and Ubuntu 14.04.5 Desktop 64bit.

Are you sure it isn't your mouse sliding, because it is on a surface that isn't level?

Do you know the state of the hardware in the mouse? I have seen older (el cheapo) mouses move the cursor all by themselves when they were connected.Perhaps you don't notice during the day, but at night the hardware in your mouse can "misfire" for a long enough period to activate Windows.

Same is true for wireless mouse/keyboard devices. Some of them start to act weirdly when the batteries have become poor.

In short, a simple process of elimination is likely to produce a much quicker cause for the problem that you experience. Only when your computer is still acting up when you have disconnected all peripherals. It can even be something like your USB mouse/keyboard is supplying too much information than Windows is set to handle. Any operation system can start acting weird with something like that.

Since you say it's doing it after the computer is powered down the obvious thing to do is also switch off the computer PSU.

If the screen is still doing it then it seems likely that it may be caused by random power fluctuations or something in the monitor itself - obvious solution is to turn it off.

If it stops doing it then it's possibly getting random signals over the monitor lead from the gfx card that cause it to wake up. Try a different lead, (shielding maybe a factor), rerouting it away from power leads, etc.

Or the simple solution, turn the monitor off.

The Event Log on the computer will show if it's the computer powering on at random times which causes the monitor to wake up.
If the monitor is lighting up without the computer being on then it's a hardware issue.

Is the machine set to shut down or hybrid hibernate which is the default on W10. If the latter it's not something like  a Wake on LAN or Wake on USB?

It might also be some service like the update service, causing your pc to power on at certain times to check for updates.


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