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Problems getting started with Checklist DC

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Hi mouser. I decided to give Checklist DC a try on my Android phone. What I'd like to do is have a shopping list that includes several stores, such as Safeway, Trader Joe's, etc., or perhaps several lists, one for each store.  For each store, I'd like to have a list of things I want to buy. I'd like these things organized into sections, such as Produce, Dairy, Meat, etc. And then under each section, I'd list the things I want. Under produce, I might list tomatoes, butternut squash, grapes, etc.

I tried to set Checklist DC up to handle this, but I got nowhere. I couldn't figure out how to add anything. I could create a category, but that was about it. I had difficulty figuring out whether produce belonged under category or vice versa (esp. since label was in a larger font than category). At no point, could I figure out how to add, say, tomatoes as an item under Produce, which I want to have as a section under Safeway.  I'm beginning to suspect that the app simply isn't designed to do this sort of thing. Then again, even more likely it's my mind that isn't designed to follow instructions.:-[  I should note that I found the instructions confusing in at least two ways: they didn't make clear the relationship between label and category (and how those related to item), and they talked about sections, without making clear how sections related to labels or categories. 

I'd be most grateful for your help.

How strange.. It's designed to be dead simple.  Hit the + button, add an item.  You can set categories which act to separate items by tabs, if you want. but it's completely optional.

I wonder if it's something related to the screen not fitting on your device..

I use the categories as store names.

If you need sections, perhaps something like this in each category (aka store).

Dairy - milk
Dairy - butter
Fruit - apples
Fruit - grapes

The key to categories is to just think of them as TAB names.
Each category represents a tab.  You can even put items on multiple tabs if you want.

Thanks very much, NigelH and Mouser, for your replies. I think NigelH may have provided a good solution to the problem I was having. I was trying to have a three-level arrangement.  The top level--the Category--would be the store (e.g., Safeway). The next level, which I suppose would have to be the Label--would be the kind of item I wanted, for example Produce. And under Produce would be individual items such as grapes, tomatoes, butternut squash, etc.  What I think NigelH has proposed combines levels two and three into a single level, the Label, which would combine a level-two designation AND a level three: produce-tomatoes, produce-butternut squash, etc. Actually, I think I like Nigel's replacing Produce with the more specific terms like "fruit" and "veggies".  And if I list my items in alphabetical order, at least I'd still have all the veggies listed together, all the fruits listed together, etc., even though the veggies wouldn't be listed near the fruits. 

Mouser, I don't think screen size was an issue here. I was able to see everything (indeed, my phone, an LG Stylo 4, is toward the larger end of the phone spectrum). My problem was partly terminology, but mostly I was trying to have a three-level arrangement, not realizing that Checklist was designed for just two levels. But NigelH's suggestion to have the Label combine two levels into one should give me what I need. My one concern is that, especially since the Label font is larger than the Category font, there may not be enough room to include, say, "veggies-butternut squash".  I wonder whether you could make possible a choice of font sizes?  Or, if not, at least make the Label font smaller than it currently is?

Again, many thanks to both of you!  :Thmbsup:


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