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Introducing a New Project: Forever Flash Games

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A new project I've been working on for a while, for those of you that enjoy big Flash games (or if you have a loved one that does):

Thanks to shed for the original soundtrack.  If anyone wants to make a game using my engine, you can download the game engine kit here:

I ought to torture you endlessly for just posting this! This game had me sitting for about 15 minutes waiting for it to load because it wasnt "optimized". I guess it was time you owed me one for everytime I've gotten you thus far :)


If you like the game you can digg it:

(though myself i'm much more a fan of stumbleupon, so i recommend you give it a thumbs up using stumbleupon if you like it, or a thumbs up if you don't!

Well, if stumbleupon existed for opera, I would do it, but it doesnt.

er, i like the music, still waiting for the game to finish loading in...

it's nice to see a new mouser project.


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