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Feature request - realizable option

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vietnam rum:
Excellent, your optional window for the new group covers the request.
Thanks. Excellent software.

Interesting ideas.. They somewhat overlap with an idea I had..

I was thinking of a new optional window for CHS that would just show clips from one group (normally the NEW group), in a very compact form, and optionally docked to an edge of the screen with auto sliding/hiding or set to always be on top.

It would really have only 2 purposes:

* To show you the most recent clips at a glance
* To let you quickly double click an item to paste it into your current application.
Does it sound like this would satisfy your ideas as well?
-mouser (October 06, 2018, 05:50 AM)
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spam spam bacon spam:
It would just show the contents of a single group of your choice -- so you could have it show an arbitrary group, or the NEW group, or Favorites, etc.  Maybe a simple dropdown so you could change the group listed easily.
-mouser (October 06, 2018, 10:01 AM)
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I imagine it would be something similar to this?

Excel also has this feature; it's called "Camera." To access it, you need to add it to your ribbon/QAT...


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