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Portable Menu launcher colour rectangles

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Thanks Skwire. I will try inmediately.
I was trying with ToDoList (a wonderful program for me nowadays ) with the .rtf files. To make in the rtf format a mosaic menu or similar modern ui , but is not possible directly . Then try in word and copy and paste, but obtain strange results.....

You might be able to use Ath's WinButtons program.
-skwire (January 13, 2019, 07:39 PM)
--- End quote ---
The first of july 2012 i download this wonderful program and I write a comment not to be reproduced here because I was searching for other similar application.
Now in the 2019 even the examples included with the program are splendid.

Thanks Ath !!!
 :-* :P

I'm glad you appreciate it. :Thmbsup:
It can be rather complex to configure, though, that's why I included the examples ;)


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