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3D Printed Heads Successfully Get Through Facial Recognition Locks


One more piece of evidence to back up the axiom that security and convenience are often mutually exclusive.

It seems "hackers" and law enforcement have a new tool in their toolbelt for getting into people's phones: a 3D printed head/face can unlock some devices.

Forbes reporter Thomas Brewster commissioned a 3D printed model of his own head to test the face unlocking systems on a range of phones — four Android models and an iPhone X.

Bad news if you’re an Android user: only the iPhone X defended against the attack.-
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But, at least in the case of law enforcement, it's more likely they would just compel you to press your finger or show your face to your device to unlock it, rather than make a 3D print of your head.

Even still, the fact that a 3D print can bypass security measures reveals a fundamental risk:

“A situation where you couldn’t get the actual person but could use a 3D print model may exist,” he said. “I think the big threat is that a system where anyone — cops or criminals — can get into your phone by holding your face up to it is a system with serious security limits.”


Those cheering on the “death of the password” might want to think again. They’re still the only thing that’s keeping your data safe from the law.-
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