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Anyone tried the Godot game/graphics library engine?

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Old dc server admin and real life friend Gothic was telling me about the open source cross-platform Godot programming game/graphics library/engine:

Anyone tried it yet? It looks pretty neat.

Looks like it good 2d support as well as 3d.

Just downloaded... thanks!

I've downloaded it a few times but never really delved into it.

FYI it's also available on Steam if you would like the conveniences that come with Steam (auto updates, etc.).

A little over a year later and I'm still in the same boat I was the last time I said anything about it. I've downloaded it a few times and watched a few videos about the latest updates and features in the engine, but so far I haven't really attempted to do anything with it.

I also wanted to mention that it's also on now if you'd prefer to use that over Steam.

Same here.  Same with Unity.  Just too much stuff, and too little time.


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