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Anyone tried the Godot game/graphics library engine?

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Godot Programming Course temporarily free:

Figures I would forget about this thread after I actually started experimenting with Godot toward the end of last year. ;D

Even though I still know much more about making games in Unity than I do with Godot, I much prefer working with Godot these days. I find it much faster (less bloated) and generally more enjoyable to work with. That said, I'm still pretty new to it, so maybe there are things that I haven't come across yet that I will loathe.

Godot Programming Course temporarily free:
-wraith808 (August 30, 2021, 12:32 PM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks for this. The target demographic is absolute beginners with no previous programming or Godot experience, so it will probably be a little basic for me, but it might serve as a nice introduction to various aspects of the engine I haven't touched yet.

I'm wondering if I should scrap my unity classes and just go for Godot. I haven't decided yet.


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