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Clean Code - Uncle Bob (YouTube Playlist)


I came across this playlist of videos of "Uncle Bob" lecturing about writing clean code. It looks like the full lecture/seminar is about 9 hours in total. I just finished the first video and am finding it interesting enough that I want to continue with the series.

And if you decide to watch it, don't be put off the whole thing by how annoying or useless the first ~3:30 minutes of introductions at the beginning of the first video appear to be. In fact, it may be best just to skip them. Use the chapters/timestamps to get to the right spot. :Thmbsup:

Oh, and one more word of warning: Unfortunately the video editor kind of sucked at their job and didn't always show the feed from the most useful camera. For example, sometimes Uncle Bob is showing or talking about his slides but the camera is zoomed in for a close up on his face instead of showing us the projector screen. :(

Great lecture (so far), shoddy video editing work.


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