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Windows 10 Tips

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This happened to me with an old multifunction printer, a Canon Pixma MP750 (that after about 10 years still works perfectly).

After upgrading to Windows 10, the printer worked but the scanner wasn't usable anymore, with the usual yellow alert sign on device manager. Canon website clearly state the for that and other older models there's no Win 10 support, but the Win 7/8 drivers should/could works, with some limitations/problems not better specified.
Searching online was of no help, due to the sheer magnitude of results pointing to fake/spam sites with just walls of words about drivers/printers/scanners/problems - you know them.

Turned out that the old Win 7 drivers were fine, just not signed, so Win 10 refused to use them.
It's just a matter of temporarily disabling the drivers signing verification, and reapplying the old drivers.
The same thing can probably happens with some other piece of hardware.

Stop Windows 10 from Automatically Rebooting

My NANY for the year is to make a utility that makes it easier to set active hours for the average user and have it longer than 12 hours.  However, that's a bandaid on a larger problem, i.e. windows automatically and regularly rebooting your machine.  I found a way around that on via stackexchange. (

I just went through setting it up, because I was annoyed that windows restarted a couple of days ago... and wants to restart again today, and I'm in the middle of something.  We'll see if it works... (this was using the Disable Reboot Task steps)

Note: in the steps, there is one that says go to %windows%.  That path doesn't work for me.  The fully expanded path is: C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\UpdateOrchestrator

If unfortunately you forgot the login password of Windows 10, you can easily reset it with Hirens Boot CD.
-Queensney (December 15, 2016, 05:40 AM)
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does that work for Win.7 too ?   :-[

I just found an interesting Initial Setup Powershell Script for Windows 10.  Still unpacking it, but thought it might be of use:

It seems very well laid out and is designed to be run after Microsoft updates Windows 10 and fixes (i.e. breaks) things.

The PSM contains the individual modules that you can call, very well documented!

Steven Avery:
I started having a process called System and Compressed Memory spiking in RAM and CPU usage (3GB and 90%+ respectively).  I found out that it's caused by Superfetch.   .... This is provided for information for others that might be affected, as it corrected my RAM usage problems that I've been having since late last year.  -wraith808 (June 02, 2016, 07:49 PM)
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My Windows 10 Laptop had the 100% disk usage problem.  It affected my system, examples, there were occasional lockups and when I tried to do intensive stuff deleting emails, the mouse scrollng was balky.

Many places discuss this, including 49 pager on a Microsoft forum.

The things that I have done are:

superfetch service disabled
windows search service disabled
Skype write checkbox
Chrome - something in Advanced Settings

iDrive - tried disabling the service, but ended up removing the program since the service would restart
I can still use iDrive in the web more, more static, which is my idea of its use anyway.

Basically it seems to have worked. 


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