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An oddity

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...Normally you can set a custom hotkey to show or hide a dock..  The Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L is a global hotkey for LBC to bring up its options -- sometimes useful if LBC is somehow off screen due to a monitor change.
-mouser (December 16, 2018, 06:40 AM)
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Thanks. I think I had probably previously removed Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L as the hotkey for Global Tree Configuration (optional) - leaving that blank - so I put it back in there and it seems to work, but the Options panel doesn't seem to come to front at all, most of the time - you have to go look for it. It often sometimes appears in the Start menu list of windows open, but it is invisible or diminished (can't tell which) - even when it is invoked after Windows+D (diminish all open windows) has been pressed, and you seem to have to click on the LBC in the start menu to show/open the LBC Options window.

I changed the hotkey for dropping down the LBC menu (docked invisibly to top RHS pf screen) to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down-arrow and that sometimes works, but most times not. Odd behaviour.

I tthink I know whats happening, when MWB moves the focus to the next PC/Monotor it leaves a mouse pointer centered at the very top of the screen, thus quite reasonably launching LBC.

There is an option in MWB to disable that action and when set, LBC is back to it's full glory.


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