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PromptPal, PTFB Pro and Logmeister on 20% discount


By email from Technology Lighthouse:
PromptPal v3 - run Powershell, Cmd and Win 10 Bash in one tabbed window.

Introducing PromptPal v3

The tabbed replacement console for Cmd, Powershell and Win 10 Bash

We've just released a major update to PromptPal - our tabbed Windows console replacement - compatible with Cmd, Powershell and Win 10 Bash.

Aimed at IT pros and developers, PromptPal brings the following benefits over the standard Windows consoles:

* Tabbed interface
* Persistent, editable command line histories and favorites
* 32-bit and 64-bit consoles together in the same app.
* Quickly open tab as administrator or as a different user
* Stay-on-top, printing, save text to file
* Command completion and syntax help

Visit PromptPal Site []

Buy now with 20% discount - use coupon  code TLHDEC2018 at the checkout.

To mark the release of PromptPal v3 we're offering a 20% discount via the coupon code TLHDEC2018. This discount applies not just to PromptPal but also to our other products:

PTFB Pro []: our Windows automation tool

LogMeister / EventMeister []: our log monitoring tools

Just enter the above coupon code during the checkout process to get your 20% discount. Don't delay, this offer is only valid until 31st December!

Upgrade from earlier versions of PromptPal for half price

If you bought an earlier version of PromptPal in the last year please check your mail, because we've already sent you a free upgrade license. If you bought PromptPal v1 or v2 prior to that, you can still upgrade for half the normal price -  please just email us and ask for your upgrade coupon [mailto:[email protected]]!

Technology Lighthouse

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I just use ConEmu or Console.  I had a license to PromptPal, but didn't upgrade after I found those.

I just use ConEmu or Console.  I had a license to PromptPal, but didn't upgrade after I found those.
-wraith808 (December 06, 2018, 11:56 PM)
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Are those, these?

I was interested to read ConEmu's comments about the difference between being a console and a shell; still not sure I fully understand it.  Truth to tell, when I want a command line, I generally use TCC/LE.  Invoking it pops up what appears to be a console, aiding confusion.

There are also:

PowerCmd, payware but apparently not updated since 2012.


ColorConsole by the author of Q-Dir.  Free and portable, but I'm not sure how much power it has.

Yes, those are indeed the pair.  And within them, I run Powershell, MSys, Cmd, etc.  They're basically the same as Promptpal.  They aren't a shell in and of themselves, they're just an enhancement to shells that already exist.  Those others that you list fall into the same category.  Shells would be Powershell, MSys, Cmd, Bash, Cygwin, etc.


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