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Much as I hate to admit it, I am looking for help again... ***mod: please delete

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You're on a tech where people ask (far stupider) questions every single day....Never be afraid to ask questions on DC!!

This might be better placed in the Coding Snack Request section though, just on the basis that it seems rather specific and I imagine it would likely need to be created rather than found :)



You're wanting to take GPS data and broadcast it via UDP?

Can you access the NMEA data output by the GPS?

If so you can probably use the code from gpsfeed+ to take the raw NMEA input and output it as UDP packets, (among other formats).

If this become a coding snack, as for the WinApi way i would need source.exe and target.exe to readout needed handles ( internal process things ) that are needed to do it professional.
AutoHotKey would need some info for sure too :-)


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