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Nova the Easy-Peasy Do-It-Yourself Text Aligner

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Curt, re-read the developer's page, where he claims that his competitors do, but badly, what we can see on your screenshot, whilst his tools doesn't do it, so according to that page, what we see on the screenshot, will have been done by hand.

Either that, or the developer dumps his own tool, by more than just grossly misdescribing it; as said, re-read his own page; there's nothing on "lines", and about ysour "doing the job well", why then the developer goes into lengths, justifying it NOT doing it, when you say it does it? Wouldn't that qualify for craziness, from the part of the developer himself?

Anyway, the Bits price was 10 bucks, it's now 14 bucks on Bits, as a permanent offer, and I convene with you that if it does what it's originally expected to do, it'd be even worth the 26 bucks you mention - if the user's able to free his mind of what he's read from the developer, and of what he will invariably have deducted from that.

You seem to try to defend the developer, whilst in fact you charge him with insanity - or then I totally misread what he wrote. Fact is, invited to comment on this on Bits, he chose to remain silent.

Weird, wouldn't you agree?

And "hate" is something totally different; I had mentioned it for its spectacular weirdness only, and you add to it. ;-)

you're right in that I am between two chairs. I bought it to see what it all was about - the trial from the homepage said "trial has expired" already at first launch - and now I don't know what to do with it. I am not going to translate a book, or anything similar...

I don't think any of the advertising text were written by the original software author. I am guessing, he authored the app and went away. Now someone else is trying to make money out of it. -Me, guessing
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